Idea makes crims of all

A PROPOSAL that could see minors fined $1000 if they are caught in licensed premises or bottle shops provoked some debate in this office.

The Australian Hotels Association believes the state government needs to establish a deterrent for youths who try to sneak inside a pub before they are legally allowed.

I appreciate pubs and clubs are tired of copping the brunt of the behaviour of irresponsible teenagers and their parents, and agree the teenagers need to know there are serious repercussions. But is this extreme?

It's not clear, but does this mean we can't take our kids to our great local pubs — which cater for kids with playgrounds and activities — and enjoy a Sunday lunch?

Does this mean we can only drink alcohol in our homes where we won't be fined if our children are with us?

I agree with the Council for Civil Liberties' president Cameron Murphy, who describes the proposal as "completely absurd".

He agrees with a system where children don't abuse alcohol, but fears this proposal could turn parents and children into criminals, with criminal records.

So are we going too far?

The News ran a story a few weeks ago about local state MPs encouraging the introduction of a fine for parents who knowingly turn a blind eye to drinking by their under-aged children, like leaving them at home with their friends, knowing there is access to alcohol. It's a good idea in principle. What do you think?

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