Russell Brand still looking for love despite split from Katy Perry

Russell Brand says he is still hoping to get married again and have children, once he finds the right person.

The comedian, who had a short-lived marriage to pop star Katy Perry, said he is trying to balance his sexual spontaneity with a need for a stable relationship and family.

"I feel an inclination to live in the moment . . . [but] I think it would be nice to get married and have children, but I think you've got to do that appropriately with the right person," Brand said.

Referring to his previous sex addiction - and continued reputation as a ladies man - Brand said "really I'm just continuing a long and thorough process to find the right person/people".

"You must be fastidious and meticulous in the search for true love."

Brand says he wishes his ex-wife Katy Perry all the best.

"I've got nothing but positive feelings for her," he said. "I'm really happy with how my life is, but I feel nothing but positivity for her".

"It's the same as any relationship, when you're just two people in a room it doesn't matter what your job is and it's the same when you split up. It's like 'oh well, that didn't work', 'oh well, it's not really our fault', you know you've got to be grown up about that sort of thing.

"And thankfully I feel kind of all right about it," he added.

Brand is heading to Australia and New Zealand later this year for a tour.

Tickets to Brand's I Am A Walrus tour in Australia go on sale today via Ticketmaster. See or phone 136 100.

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