West Pennant Hills Housos actress gets in touch with inner bogan

VANESSA Davis encourages everyone to get in touch with their inner bogan when Housos returns to SBS in 2013.

‘‘I was so excited to hear there’d be a second series,’’ Davis said.

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The West Pennant Hills actress plays her namesake in the controversial comedy series, which follows the residents of the fictional Sunnyvale Housing Commission block as they battle cops and scam Centrelink.

‘‘Being able to have nail polish and makeup, I really enjoy that about my character, but I hate that it’s my name,’’ Davis said.

Vanessa the actress spends her spare time listening to classical music and watching Harry Potter; her namesake spends hers self-medicating and robbing people.

 ‘‘I’ve always loved pink — it’s the only similarity between us,’’ Davis said.

‘‘It’s the funniest for my fans when they meet me because I sound nothing like my character.’’

She said fans should also look out for new film Housos vs Authority which is due for release on November 1.

In it, Franky, Shazza, Dazza and their mates take on every authority possible in their quest to sprinkle Shazza’s mums ashes on top of Ulluru.

‘‘Shazza, Dazza, Franky, Kev (my defacto) and myself are in the film,’’ Davis said.

‘‘I think it’s more exciting than the series; it really showcases the housing commission families of Australia as a whole, rather than being Mt Druitt-centric like the series.

‘‘We shot on location in Alice Springs where a lot of the Aboriginals can’t even buy alcohol any more and Housos is so much about having a beer, I find that hard to see.

‘‘It’s not saying I feel sorry for them, but they have nothing else. It’s all they know really.

‘‘I think Housos will breakthrough the American market this year, even the New Zealand market, because there’s nothing like [Housos creator] Paul Fenech’s work.’’

In May, Housos had two sell-out nights at The Enmore Theatre.

‘‘Transferring my bogan character into singing in this beautiful voice was so exciting,’’ Davis said.

She added that it was never the intention of Housos to poke fun at society’s underprivileged.

‘‘Months and months of research was involved in the first series,’’ Davis said.

‘‘We went out to the housing commission people, we befriended them, took on their stories.

‘‘They definitely need more assistance. Hopefully through all this we can get rid of the separation between housing commission people and the rest of the community.’’

Davis trained at the Australian Institute of Music and has a background in musical theatre.

She was studying at The Actors Pulse in Sydney when she was offered a part in Housos, her first TV role.

She gave up studying to learn acting on the job.

‘‘I nearly shat myself every day at work, you just don’t know what to expect,’’ she said.

Davis was also to have appeared in the film version of Australian Peter Temple’s award-winning crime novel Truth but had to withdraw from the project due to her Housos commitments.

‘‘I can’t be a part of this or any project right now,’’ she said.

She said she hoped everyone would go and see Housos vs Authority, if for no other reason than to support the Australian film industry.

‘‘You’ll get it even if you haven’t see the series,’’ she assured.

‘‘Also understanding it [series one] was Ian Turpie’s last project. He’ll always be Dazza’s dad.’’

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