VIDEO: Hindy says think before you eat

Recently retired Parramatta Eels captain Nathan Hindmarsh has thrown his weight behind a campaign to make blokes think about what they put in their mouths. 

The Healthy 8700 campaign aims to make men aware that 8700 kilojoules is about the amount of energy they can healthily consume a day.

Watch our video interview with Hindy by clicking on the arrow on the picture above.

With football codes at their business ends, Hindmarsh said many men threw caution to the wind and ate fast-food they wouldn’t otherwise.

‘‘There’s a massive percentage of blokes that we surveyed said it was almost a right to be able to go out there and eat what you want while watching the semi-final series,’’ he said.

‘‘I thought it was a great idea to get involved (in the campaign). 

‘‘Particularly now that I’m retired I’m not doing the amount of exercise that I was, it’s really important now that I’m more careful about what I eat.

‘‘It’s an important message to get out there; to realise what you’re putting in your stomach what fast foods have in them.''

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