TIM Hart releases his raw and heart-felt emotions in his debut album Milling The Wind.

Milling The Wind contains a collection of 12 folk-inspired tracks. 

Hart said he didn’t go out to intentionally tell stories in his songs but to draw upon his own heartfelt feelings and past emotional experiences.

‘‘The album pretty much is my own raw emotions,’’ he said. 

‘‘When I was writing the songs, it wasn’t conscious to communicate a song which had a means to an end.

‘‘It’s an album which is based on past experiences and raw emotions that I have felt, experienced and lived through.’’

In Milling the Wind, Hart explores topics like childhood, religion, family and love. 

Hart said writing the songs for the album was a very personal experience. ‘‘It most difficult to first write songs to share,’’ he said.

‘‘There’s always that thought that you could shut down or people won’t take you seriously. 

‘‘Writing music is my outlet.

‘‘It’s not difficult to do.

‘‘I’ve always been someone that writes from personal experience. 

‘‘I guess for me it is important that the album be that.’’

Hart has always been fascinated by music. 

At the age of nine, he remembers writing his own songs and practising on any instrument he could get his hands on.

‘‘I’ve always been around music,’’ he said.

‘‘When I was young, I had lessons on the piano, drums and guitar, so I’m very grateful to my parents for doing that.

‘‘I’ve always been in bands and I suppose I’ve been pretty lucky with my bands because they have been really well known.’’

Hart is best known to his fans as the drummer in the ARIA Award-winning band, Boy & Bear.

Although Hart has recently launched his solo career, he insists that he will not be leaving the group. 

‘‘Launching a solo career has always been on the cards,’’ he said.

‘‘Our lead guitarist [from Boy & Bear] was getting married so we were having a bit of a break and I though it would be the perfect opportunity to launch my solo career. 

‘‘The guys were really supportive and they told me that I could manage both.’’ 

Hart’s Boy & Bear band mates added their musical talents to his album.

Frontman Dave Hosking lends vocals to the songs A Number Of Us and White Man/Our Share Of Decency. 

The band’s Jake Tarasenko plays bass, flute and fife.

‘‘This album is really important to me and the boys are really supportive and okay with it,’’ Hart said.

Hart is currently touring the country as support to popular country rock group, Lady Antebellum.

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