Hills council mayoral message

My vision for our community by Councillor Michelle Byrne

As your new Mayor, I would like to share my vision for The Sydney Hills with you. As you know, we are a rapidly growing part of Sydney and that means that we must find innovative ways to manage growth, while preserving those qualities that make our Shire special.

The State Government requires this Council, under the Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney, to provide additional housing and jobs for future residents, and we will need to be innovative in the way we deliver these targets. 

This will bring many challenges for both Council and the community, as we try to balance the interests of our existing and future residents. 

My many priorities for our community can be expressed as three general themes: managing our future growth; connecting with our community and building a great quality of life.

As well as continuing to provide essential services like new footpaths, road improvements or upgrades to community infrastructure, Council is always making plans to ensure strategies are in place that will protect and enhance the way we live.

One of these plans is Council’s new Local Environmental Plan. This a strategy that has been five years in the making, and we are excited to announce that it has been gazetted by the New South Wales Government effective from Friday 5 October. 

The new LEP details how land can be used and it will shape our future Shire.

As I have said previously, my door is always open and I welcome your views and input on the challenges and opportunities we face as we move forward. 

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