Hornsby Council mayoral column with Steve Russell

Water is one of life’s essential elements that we often take for granted, simply because it seems so plentiful. It covers more than two thirds of our planet’s surface, but only one percent of it is available for drinking. Even when our own drinking supply is secure, we need to be mindful of the delicate ecosystem we are a part of and make sure we do not damage it through waste or pollution. This was especially brought home recently when Pyes Creek in Castle Hill was contaminated by a thoughtless criminal and turned bright red.

The health of our rivers and streams is of primary concern to Hornsby Shire Council, which is why we undertake regular testing throughout the Shire. This information is used to produce the Water Quality Report Card, which offers detailed ratings of the various creeks and streams throughout the Shire. You can access this report by visiting hornsby.nsw.gov.au. It will show you the exact state of the water sources near you.

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