Perspective: Warning for HSC cheats

I remember the HSC like it was yesterday. Not surprising really given it is one of life's major milestones.

With the bottomless pit of information, tips and advice to both students and parents it came as no surprise to me that it came to light yesterday there was a website exchanging ways to cheat.

Students have been using the forum to exchange ideas on the best way to cheat. While I wasn't surprised about the site, I was surprised the cheating techniques are ancient — and a little disappointed.

They included hiding notes in underwear and taking frequent toilet breaks so notes could be seen without the supervisor who accompanies you knowing.

Really? I was expecting some whiz bang way of using concealed iphones or something.

So are today's students that naive to think the supervisors aren't on top of the signs of cheating? As the chief executive of the Board of Studies NSW, Carol Taylor told Fairfax Media: they're on to you.

She said while supervisors don't ask students to empty their pockets, or search their clothing, they're vigilant.

"They patrol the exam room and if they see any kind of activity going on that they think is suspicious, they will certainly watch that student," she said.

In the end, don't cheat. It's not worth it. I'd like to wish all those students sitting for their HSC the best of luck — it's just one stepping stone to the great things we can achieve in life. There is life after the HSC: this is one of many educational milestones life will throw them, whether it be in the classroom or in the workforce.

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