Britney Spears 'overdosed' on amphetamines

Explosive new claims allege that Britney Spears may have overdosed on amphetamines in 2008.

Former manager Sam Lufti, who is suing Spears for defamation, libel and breach of contract, has revealed, via his lawyer, that the singer used drugs on the night that she was restrained and hospitalised.

In the opening statement of the case on Thursday, Lutfi's lawyer, Joseph Schleimer, told the jury that the star secured an amphetamine prescription on January 28, 2008. She then allegedly took six to eight pills early in the day, and several more later, reports TMZ.

That evening, Spears infamously found herself placed on involuntary psychiatric hold, known as a 5150. Lufti claims that he urged Spears to see a psychiatrist just two days before she was sectioned.

Paparazzi photos captured the moment the singer was strapped to a gurney inside an LA ambulance, her dark hair dishevelled and eyes wide.

Lufti has not been in contact with Spears for three years after a restraining order was successfully applied for by her father in 2009.

Spears, 30, will not testify after a judge ruled she was not mentally competent enough to take the stand. Instead, her parents are scheduled to testify at the court proceedings, as will her former nanny, Lourdes Torres.

They will argue that the singer was emotionally manipulated by her confidante, reports Radar Online.

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