Tribute artist a dead ringer for Rogers

For 15 years Marty Edward has been gambling his way around the world — and Castle Hill RSL Club is his next stop.

With his snow white hair and precisely manicured beard, the singer takes to the stage as American country musician Kenny Rogers.

Rogers’ best known songs include Coward of the County, I Don’t Need You and The Gambler.

Edward is one third of the Kings of Country show.

The trio is rounded out by Phillip Bauer as Johnny Cash and Marion Deaton as Willie Nelson.

Edward said his uncanny resemblance had resulted in some awkward situations.

‘‘I’ve never intentionally pretended to be Kenny but I learned early on not to tell people I’m not him,’’ he said.

‘‘When I was in Las Vegas some people came up to me and one guy started to introduce me to others thinking that I was Kenny Rogers.

‘‘Apparently Kenny had given him some advice when he was younger.

‘‘I didn’t want to tell him I wasn’t Kenny because I didn’t want to make a fool out of him.

‘‘Not bursting his bubble didn’t do any harm.

‘‘Another time a lady saw me on the street and thought I was him and she got really upset when I said I wasn’t.’’

Edward has come face to face with Rogers a few times.

He said he still remembered his first encounter with the artist.

‘‘He said ‘don’t get me into any trouble’ and I took that to heart.

‘‘I think of myself as a Kenny Rogers ambassador.’’

The tribute artist praised the other two musicians on the tour.

‘‘The guys are so professional on and off the stage and you couldn’t find better characters.

‘‘If you never saw Johnny Cash then come and see Phillip.’’

Details: October 26, 8.30pm, tickets $30, 88584800,

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