Reader of the Week: Lynn Bradley of Kenthurst

Three people I would love to invite to dinner: Richard Branson, Pierce Brosnan and Kate Middleton.

Most amazing thing I've ever done: I watched a lioness kill a buffalo in the Masai, then help the cubs enjoy their meal.

The best advice I ever received: "Always wear clean underwear — you never know when you might be in an accident."

My greatest fear: Not being able to travel.

My fantasy job: Working as a reporter on Getaway.

If I could travel back in time I would love to: Meet Patrick Swayze.

My favourite phrase is . . . Where can I go next?

My last meal would be: Pizza.

I will never throw out: My childrens' first toys and keepsakes.

I'm always being asked: Where should I go on holidays?

What people may not know about me is: I am really very shy.

Weirdest thing in my glovebox: Bunny ears left over from a fancy dress party.

People say I look like: My mother's side of the family.

I would spend my last $10 on: A glass of bubbly.

I wish I hadn't: Started renovating our house — it's a money pit.

My earliest memory is: Playing on Balmoral Beach with my mum and dad and extended family.

My most embarrassing moment was . . . Throwing up outside Louis Vitton GUM Department store in Moscow in September.

On my bedside table: A telephone.

My first car was: Toyota Corona.

True love is…Never having to say you’re sorry

On my bedside table is: 30 books I have not had time to read...yet.

A movie I think everyone should  see: The Best Marigold Hotel.

In the future…Keep travelling and wipe Antarctica  off my bucket list.

Favourite book as a child: Pookie The Little White Rabbit with Wings.

I love living in Kenthurst because... It is the best place to bring up three boys!

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