What the gossip mags say this week

IT'S a strange truth that the one thing the glossy mags love more than a wedding is a divorce. In the same week former soapette Jodi Gordon and her footy player partner, Braith Anasta, tie the knot in an ''amazing, emotional'' ceremony for Woman's Day (see above) and Robert Pattinson is supposedly contemplating marriage to his on-again-off-again girlfriend Kristen Stewart in OK, far more space is devoted to ferreting out any news at all - no matter how tenuous - from the split of Russell Crowe and his wife, Danielle Spencer. ''Please don't leave me,'' Woman's Day has Russ begging, even going so far as to (they claim) offer her $25 million to give him three months to win her back. It won't work, Who cautions, ''she was in a lonely marriage living separate lives,'' they quote ''a source''. ''You can only do that so long.'' The marriage was over a year ago, OK adds, with New Idea agreeing Russ has ''rarely been seen'' at the couple's Rose Bay home. Interestingly, in none of those magazines does either Danielle or Russ have a say, but in total, there's 15 pages of copy and they're on the front of the lot. Russ has, without ever jumping on a couch or joining a religion (aside from South Sydney, which is understandable), become our own Tom Cruise. Oh, and of course, we're still not finished with Cruise either, with New Idea having another dip into the seemingly bottomless TomKat divorce papers. This time they have ''Tom's dark secret exposed'' but as usual, that's a slight exaggeration. He isn't secretly wearing spats at the weekend (as far as we know) it's just that he, like Russ, might have been battling to save his marriage for a long time before the legal papers were served. Hardly a bombshell, but interesting indeed was the hint from an ex-Scientologist that Tom's confessions to his church handler have all been recorded and if he ever tries to leave, they might be made public. Especially the stuff where Tom talks about his sex life. ''He's probably got a lot of embarrassing material,'' an ex-Scientologist, Tom DeVocht, said of the church's leader, David Miscavige. Probably, that is. Or possibly not. Either way, it's all a bit sad and draws attention from the big news tucked away in the magazines this week. Such as the fact Kate Hudson's middle name is ''Garry'' (thank you Who for that). Or that Angela Lansbury is Malcolm Turnbull's cousin. No really, that's what she told Woman's Day. How this didn't make the cover is anyone's guess.

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