Meet your student leaders: The Kings School 

Each week the Hills News highlights our student leaders.

This week we meet the senior school captains of The Kings School at North Parramatta. Their motto is Fortiter Et Fideliter — ‘Bravely and Faithfully’.

Q and A:

What is unique about your school?

Matthew Jacob: Life skill program ‘Boys to Men’. Extra carricular activities.

Ben Stacy: School spirit and the relationship between the different age groups.

Jack McCalman: The boarding community sets it above others.

Samuel Read: The space, we have over 300 acres of land and the staff/student ratio.

What do you want to do when you leave school?

Matthew Jacob: A law degree or business/commerce.

Ben Stacy: Travel through England and Europe to get a different perspective and play a season or two of rugby while over there.

Jack McCalman: Stay in Sydney and attend university...maybe public relations, education and play rugby.

Samuel Read: Be an architectual engineer, learn the German language and play sport.

Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Matthew Jacob: Because we are a role model to the junior years.

Ben Stacy: Because we provide a direct link between students and the executive.

Jack McCalman: Because it provides a voice for the student body.

Samuel Read: Because it can provide direction for the younger boys and have an influence over their school lives.

If you were the principal what would like to introduce?

Matthew Jacob: Provide ice cold cordial on tap.

Ben Stacy: A landing strip and planes to take students on excursions.

Jack McCalman: I would build a flying fox from the top of the school to the old gym.

Samuel Read: Some kind of home stay program for the boarders. Introduce a whole school dodgeball game where the winner gets to be acting head master for a week and the principal does all the student's activities, from rowing to homework.

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