Aunt was there when toddler disappeared, says witness

A second witness has told an inquest that the aunt of missing toddler Rahma El-Dennaoui was at the El-Dennaoui house on the night the girl disappeared.

The witness, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told Glebe Coroner's Court that Wahide Dennaoui said she was at the El-Dennaoui's home in the Sydney suburb of Lurnea until about 2am on November 10, 2005.

The testimony contradicts the account given by Rahma's father, Hosayn El-Dennaoui, and his wife, Alyaa, that Wahide was not at their home late on the night the child disappeared.

Rahma has not been seen since the early hours of November 10, 2005, after her parents put her to bed about 2am.

Wahide Dennaoui is the sister of Hosayn El-Dennaoui.

The witness said she saw Wahide two days after Rahma disappeared.

"Wahide said Rahma was sick that night and she [Wahide] stayed at her place until 2am and the next day the girl has [sic] disappeared."

Yesterday another witness, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court that the day after Rahma disappeared, she spoke to Maymouna Dennaoui, the mother-in-law of Wahide Dennaoui.

The witness testified that Maymouna told her Rahma had been very ill with a fever on November 13 and that Wahide was at her brother's house until late helping care for Rahma.

The witness claimed Wahide denied this days later and told her not to speak of it again. The witness said she complied until she was approached by police in June or July this year.

The inquest continues.

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