Words of love inspire pop singer's creativity

HE may be less famous than Sydney's free hug man, but Meri Amber is well on her way to starting her own social movement.

"I am asking random couples to take a couple of minutes of their time and share their love with the world by writing on a little whiteboard framed in a wooden frame," Amber, 20, from Granville, said.

"Already there have been some absolutely fabulous responses from foreign couples, some who wrote their message down in other languages — French, Chinese, German — to pregnant couples, those just about to get married and those happily married.

"People have also written many interesting things on their boards, ranging from one man who stood in front of the camera by himself with a board that said 'He is a very generous lover', to another couple [who] wrote 'Happy Birthday'."

An acoustic pop singer, Ms Amber said she planned to incorporate footage of the couples and their hand-scrawled love missives in a music video for her new feel-good composition The Loveliest Guy I Know.

"The aim of the video is to make people compulsively smile as they watch it, because they can't help themselves," said Amber, who trained at the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and has performed as pre-show foyer entertainment at the Pink, Lady Gaga, Flight of the Conchords and Russell Brand shows.

Amber can sing, play the flute, bass and piano and she also hosts her own radio program, The Wednesday Morning Live Show, fittingly as a singing DJ.

"I even wrote a mini-album on accounting," she said.

Which is less surprising when you find out she is studying law and commerce at the University of Sydney, where she is also accepting people's secrets, anonymously.

She plans to use those in a music video for her single Share My Time.

"I love social experiments," she said.

■ Hear The Loveliest Guy I Know at meriamber.com.

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