Student leaders: Glenorie Public School

Each week the Hills News highlights our student leaders.

This week we meet the school captains of Glenorie Public School. Their motto is 'Knowledge Wisdom Understanding'.

What is unique about your school?

Ebony Norton: It is a multicultural school and has a good mix of teachers and students.

Anthony Kazzi: It's a small school which means you know everyone and they know you.

Jarrod Deams: Large classrooms and large grassed areas to play.

Rachel Pernice: Laptops throughout the school.

What do you want to do when you leave school?

Ebony Norton: Either a zoo keeper, or monkeys, or koalas or a professional speaker.

Anthony Kazzi: Plumber or electrician or an NRL player for the Rabbitohs and Australia.

Jarrod Deams: Landscaper because I like being outside and building things.

Rachel Pernice: Kindergarten teacher or horse groomer.

Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Ebony Norton: People look up to you and the added responsibilities it carries.

Anthony Kazzi: Because you get more responsibility and people trust you.

Jarrod Deams: Responsibility and also looking after things like putting up the flag.

Rachel Pernice: Because teachers trust us more and we run the school assemblies.

If you were the principal what would like to introduce?

Ebony Norton: Create a theme park that included a beach and zoo with all sorts of animals in it.

Anthony Kazzi: More competition against other schools as we don’t really do that much, and introduce tackle football at school.

Jarrod Deams: Five trampolines per school because they are fun.

Rachel Pernice: iPads for all students and six bungee jumping rides.

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